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    In GLOW WELLNESS AND FITNESS we provide a wide range of activities so you can enjoy the great little pleasures in life surrounded by your loved ones. Your body is a reflection of your way of life and with the specific exercise classes and sports offered by WELLNESS AND FITNESS we make sure that together with your partner, friends or family, you experience unique sensations for keeping fit.

    In GLOW WELLNESS AND FITNESS we offer a personalised service for our clients, looking after all the details so your experience with us is unforgettable. Health becomes reality with the comprehensive service we offer in sport, food and body care.

    In our fitness area we have excellent professionals who are nationally and internationally renowned in different disciplines. At present they continue to occupy top places in some of the most prestigious competitions around the world.

    Our techniques and teaching methods make the training of children and adults in GLOW FITNESS is carried out in an effective, disciplined and fun at the same time.

    Personalized, individual or collective testing are performed in the center or at home, for children and adults. Also, we take advantage of the good weather of the Costa del Sol to perform some activities abroad as kayaking or paddle surfing.